Ever since the start of online gaming, hackers have been a huge pain in the back for game developers everywhere, which is why there have been more and more advancements in the technology required to remove hackers from games. When it comes to online gaming, especially games like Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege which are considered a very big deal on the competitive scale, hackers have worked their way into every game. Even with the adjustments made to anti cheat engines to prevent hackers from tampering with games; hackers have always found a way in.

These hackers mess with the game in their own way; some play it small like simple jump hacks and shorter re-spawn times, while others completely change the game to their favor by using aim bots and invincibility cheats. However, there has been a large increase in the number of accounts that have been permanently removed from games due to the accounts hacking. There are however some cheats that most people get away with. However they may not be very powerful as compared to other hacks like aim bot, these hacks are barely ever detected and give the hacker that uses them a huge advantage over the other players.


There is a small hack that allows players to jump twice simultaneously, or jump once but higher as compared to the regular jump. Now even though this hack sounds insignificant in most cases, being able to double jump would allow players to get to higher terrains much more easily. This in turn means that players can gain the high ground easily and get into good vantage points which could be used for sniping. Being able to get to previously unreachable spots also allow you to surprise the enemy team as you can get to roofs and then flank them all from above.


Reduced recoil is a very useful thing for shooting games. Recoil makes you miss your target constantly, especially in games like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Battlefield, that are very fast paced and up close most of the time. Some hacks allow hackers to reduce their recoil to the point where it feels like there is no recoil at all. This comes in very handy in situations where you are facing players in a tight room or hallway as they will most likely be close together, and having no recoil will allow you to fire at them without ever having to refocus your aim. No recoil also allows for more efficient sniping, as the hacker can quickly fire again without having to set their guns aim again, ultimately allowing them to get more kills with snipers.


One very overpowered yet mostly undetected hack is the one which allows you to fire as many bullets as you want without ever requiring to reload. This hack is very useful for every shooter game, as any player will find themselves in a situation that is practically impossible to escape from. However, being able to fire 300 rounds in a matter of seconds is enough for a majority of players to be able to clear entire enemy squads. To remove any chances of being put under observation, hackers take a different approach towards this hack, which allows them to fire 300 or more per magazine (depending on how large of a magazine the hacker wants).


These are not really hacks as much as they are alterations for the games textures. This hack is basically a way for hackers to be able to see through walls and other forms of cover so that any players trying to get the drop on them will be spotted before they get the chance to do so. These ‘’hacks’’ can be enabled by altering the game files by adding a texture pack. These texture packs can be purchased online for a cheap price which is why this hack is very common. There is a version of this cheat which allows players to shoot through cover as well, however that does fall in the category of hacking.


Another very overpowered but overlooked hack is one which allows players to go through walls and other solid defenses by altering the games properties. This hack is not very common but it is deadly in games that depend on the element of surprise, such as dead by daylight. Another use for the ability to walk through walls would be accessing previously inaccessible areas such as warehouses that were locked for you but have very good supplies inside of them. The hack can also be used to sneak right through the eyes of the opponent players and breach their base in games like Rust. The cheat can also be used offensively in shooters like Overwatch, as you can go through the map completely hidden and use your character’s abilities to wipe out the enemy team from behind.


In every map for every game, there is a point which can be used to make your character go out of the fighting area and be able to free roam at the side of the map. Although these bugs/glitches are fixed after a while, they can be of great use while present as they allow you to go around the map and attack enemies from the back, as is the case with the walk through walls hack. However exploiting glitches could also get accounts banned which is why exploiting is not encouraged.