Rust is a very well made, unique, multiplayer only game developed by Facepunch Studios. Rust was originally created as a risky attempt to clone the success of DayZ, and mixing it with a personal touch. However some may say that that Rust is better than DayZ, offering players with more customization and personalization with their gameplay. Although Rust has a similar main objective as DayZ, which is survival, the 2 games are entirely different. Rust has a much wider variety when it comes to items and crafting. Rust’s great crafting mechanics along with a good map size and combat make it a very addicting game. Along with this, to give the game a more realistic touch, there are also hunger and thirst bars that deplete as time goes on, meaning that you will have to keep your character well fed and hydrated.

But as is the case with any other game, Rust isn’t perfect. Rust is improving as time passes, but the game still isn’t as great as it could be. The time of day passes much too quickly, sometimes animals feel very overpowered, the thirst and hunger bars deplete too fast sometimes and Facepunch studios do not have the best of anti cheat engines. Because of this reason, the game has become a personal playground for hackers in recent times, although, Facepunch has started taking immediate action and started banning players.

If you’ve ever encountered a hacker in game and have thought about what types of hacks they had been using, or if you wish to experiment with hacks yourself, given below is a list for some of the most encountered hacks in Rust.


As crafting is a very big part of the game, you will always need to gather supplies from different and dangerous areas. This sometimes means you walk into the wrong areas and get cornered by wild animals such as wolfs or by other online players. To prevent that from happening, some players use hacks which grant them with infinite supplies from the start. This allows them to build and upgrade their base however they want and craft whatever items they deem necessary. This hack can be very overpowered in the right hands, as good players can create the perfect, impenetrable bases, keeping them completely safe from harm that other players may want to cause. However to keep these endless supplies with them, hackers will always have to enable a hack which allows them to carry as many items as they want.



One very popular hack available for Rust, is the teleportation hack. The hack allows players to change their location to any point in the map. This allows them to get to required destinations immediately and do whatever they want. The teleportation hack is very helpful in protecting your base as well, because when your base is under attack, you can just teleport back to it and deal with the players trying to attack it. The hack is very great at getting you out of rough and tight situations as well, as you can quickly teleport your way out of wherever you are stuck. The teleportation hack also allows you to get into locked and inaccessible areas without requiring keys, as you can just teleport into the locked bunker or room. The hack is also good for offence, as hackers can teleport to a location where they know a player is and they will never see what’s coming. Another similar version of this hack allows you to fly instead of teleporting. Although it also lets you get to places quicker it will not allow you to get into locked bunkers and other hidden places.


A lot of the players of Rust use hacks that allow them to finish off enemies with just a single shot. These hacks are very overpowered in the hands of a player with good aim. It doesn’t matter what type of armor you are wearing, if hit by a bullet, or other means of damage from a player using this hack, you will immediately drop dead, and there is nothing you can do about it except for reporting them. One hit kill hacks come in very handy in situations where there may be too many hostile players for a normal player to deal with. However if you start to kill too many people without even using half your clip, players will start to get suspicious and begin reporting the hacker in question. Too many reports will eventually put the hackers account under observation and he will eventually get banned from the game.


One of the more realistic aspects of the game is the mechanic which allows your character to feel hunger and thirst with the passage of time. To keep the characters needs fulfilled, players will have to set out on expeditions to hunt for food. But some players find this to be too forced and think it feels like a chore, which is why some hackers started using hacks which keep their hunger and thirst bars at full capacity at all times. This allows them to roam as much as they like, whenever they like without their character ever being weakened due to the lack of food. However they still have to eat once every few days as the moderator may get suspicious if your character goes on too long without food or water.