If you don’t know what Rainbow Six Siege is, Ubisoft released a tactical operations based first person shooter in late 2015 which puts players against each other in teams of 5. A beta version of the game came out some months before the release of the full game and people were already huge fans. When the game was finally officially released it got much praise, with barely any terrible reviews. In Tom Clancy’s rainbow Six Siege, you are given a choice to select any operator, from a impressively large list. Every operator is unique and plays differently as compared to other operators.

The main objective of the game is to secure the hostage, or prevent the hostage from being secured, depending on what team you are on. Another way to wrap up games is by simply killing all 5 of the opposing team players, as there is no respawn in the main modes of the game. But regardless of the games rules, some people don’t like having to do so many things at once, securing the hostage or guarding him while killing other players while also focusing on staying alive. Because of this, as in any other online multiplayer game, people decide to take a different approach and hack the game.

Hackers have been a part of Rainbow Six Siege almost the moment it was released and the current technology supporting the anti cheat systems is just not powerful enough to deal with all of them at a significantly effective rate. Because of this, hackers run rampant in Six Siege, from the simple and casual experience of quick play to the challenging and intense gun fights of the highest ranks of competitive gameplay, you will encounter a hacker at least once a day in all of these. If you have ever wondered what hacks a player might be using, or wish to hack for yourself, given beneath this is a list of some of the more popular hacks used in Rainbow Six Siege.


In recent times, there have been new hacks introduced by the hackers of Six Siege. One of these hacks is the popular flight hack. This hack, as the name clearly mentions, allows players to fly. This doesn’t mean fly around like a bird or superman, but during the preparation phase of the match, this hack is used to get to any place of the map via a super jump or flight. The hack can be used to get into good positions before the opposing team is ever ready, this allows the player using the hack to get into a good vantage point and surprise the enemy team.


In a tightly packed game such as Rainbow Six Siege, wallhacks are very useful and allow the hackers that use them to win with significant ease. Besides the few operators that already allow you to see through walls using their equipment and abilities, and the few walls that allow you to shoot through them, wall hacks allow you to view all objects and enemies behind a wall or other forms of cover by making them transparent. A few versions of the hacks, which are obviously the better improved ones, also alow you to shoot through these transparent walls and kill any player hiding behind them.


There is absolutely no need to state that aimbots are the most common hacks of all. People that don’t even play video games know about aim bot and its effect, which is to grant the hacker with the ease of never having to aim. Whenever you press the aim button, the aim bot will automatically aim at a body part from the enemies hit box that will be specified by you when you activate the aim bot. aim bots are focused on the most by the anti cheat engines, however there are 2 types of aim bots that are safer as compared to others. These are internal and external aim bots. Internal aim bots are added by in to the programming of the game via injecting with the help of Dynamic Disk Library, whereas external aim bots are added to the games programming with the use of an external source. Due to them being a part of the games running, these 2 aim bots are rarely ever spotted and are considered as the safest option by almost every hacker.


The importance of being alive obviously does not need to be explained. If you aren’t alive in game, then you can’t play, as is the working of every game. The infinite health hack, as so clearly stated in the name, provides players with a health bar that never ends. This in turn, allows players to take as many bullets, stun attacks, and other forms of damage without ever dying. This is a very useful hack for any player, as never dying ultimately means that you can never lose. You can barge  head on towards the enemy and they can do absolutely nothing about it as any sort of damage they try to inflict on you will prove to be useless. The infinite health hack has been detected a fair share of times due to video evidence. The infinite health hack can also cause the game to crash when the hacker using it is hit with an attack that would otherwise act as a one hit kill.