Currently under development, Escape from Tarkov is a very gruesome and intense multiplayer first person shooter being made by Battlestate games. The game has been in early access for quite some time now and it is unknown when a full version will be released. In the current stages of it’s early access, Escape from Tarkov looks to be a great game, however it does have its fair share of bugs and glitches that are costly. Nonetheless it is unfair to judge the game before it is even officially released.

The game is set in the fictional city of Tarkov, a city that is quite famous due to it being a gateway for Russia to other European countries. However due to political complications and arguments, Tarkov became a warzone, affecting the lives of many. In the game you will take control of mercenaries who are just trying to survive, 1 month after the transformation of Tarkov from a quiet town to a gruesome warzone. The game may be fun and exciting for most, but one problem it still faces, like every other multiplayer game before it, is the presence of hackers in game.

There are many hackers in Escape from Tarkov and due to the game being in early access, Battlestate games can do little to nothing about it. If you are looking for a list of major hacks for Escape from Tarkov, it is given below.


By far one of the most valuable hacks in most of video games are speed hacks. These hacks allow you to not only enhance your speed and cover vast distances in much shorter time than usual, but also allow you to jump very high and climb walls, at least a few select versions of the hack do. Speed hacks are very useful and obviously very helpful. The hack not only allows players to get to different places in quicker times, but also escape from situations which could otherwise prove to be fatal. The high jump and wall climb aspects of some versions of the hack are also very helpful. Being able to jump high and climb walls undoubtedly helps the hacker using these hacks to get to better points for sniping and flanking.


In game, a person is most vulnerable when they are reloading. Because of this, some hackers have created hacks which allow players to relax, knowing the fact that they can spray with their gun as much as they like without ever having to reload. With the no reload hack active, the player using the hack can fire without stopping, this allows them to quickly gun down large amounts of enemies with significant ease. If surrounded by multiple other players without no way out but to fight, this hack will be very helpful as mo matter how many enemies there are, they will always have the need to reload while the hacker won’t. The only time your gun will stop firing is when you tell it to or when your gun runs out of ammo. To prevent this from happening, many players use this hack simultaneously along with a hack which would grant them with infinite ammo.


Aimbot is one of the most popular hacks in all of gaming. Aimbot has been a part of gaming as long as the release of the first multiplayer shooter. Aim bot is a very helpful tool which allows players to lock on to a body part of the opponents hit box that is selected when the bot is made active. Once you select the body part you want to aim at, the aim bot will automatically target it from the opponents hit box every time an enemy walks into your cross hairs. Aimbot is most popular in games such as Escape from Tarkov as they are fast paced, which makes aiming very hard. With the help of aim bot however, it is made much easier for anyone and all you have to do it fire your weapon after pressing the aim button as the bot will already do the aim part for you. Aimbots are very popular though, which is why they are focused on by the anti cheat engine more than any other hack. To make things even more comfortable for themselves, some hackers use aim bot simultaneously along with trigger bots. Trigger bots are hacks similar to aim bot. However, instead of automatically aiming for the player, a trigger bot will cause your weapon to automatically open fire when your aim cursor is pointed at an enemy.


More recently, videos have been surfacing over the internet that shows people getting killed with a single bullet to any part of the body. Although this was thought to be an instant kill hack, it appears that it was just the ammo that was altered to be stronger. An instant kill hack would mean that a single shot would mean death for the player being shot at, however it was seen that players wearing the best armor had to be shot once or twice before they were down. The heavy ammo hack basically upgrades any type of ammo you select and makes it so no player can take more than a couple of hits. However this hack, although new, is already almost extinct as Battlestate games anti cheat has combated it quite well.