DayZ has been around for quite some time now, and it has not lost its popularity. Originally coming out as a Mod for the tactical, army based first person shooter ARMA 2, DayZ was created by developer Dean Hall. As time passed his mod gained more and more popularity since it was a very new and exciting experience for anyone back then. As time passed, DayZ eventually surpassed the game that it was a mod for, ARMA 2, in popularity. DayZ gained more than a million players and due to its popularity, Bohemia interactive who were the creators of ARMA 2, eventually made Dean Hall a member of their company, and DayZ was released as an official game a few years after.

In DayZ you will have to control a character that is trapped in a fictional soviet state of Chemarus which consists of many cities. You will have to survive while keeping yourself safe from threats like wild animals and other players. However, this isn’t an ordinary state. Due to some unknown disease, a majority of the population has been turned into flesh consuming monsters i.e. zombies.

Players have to manage supplies, while keeping themselves alive, along with other tasks. For some players this feels an awful lot like chores, which takes away the fun for them, which is why they turn to hacking. Hackers are very common in DayZ, there are all sorts of hacks, from teleportation to invisibility. If you are looking to find out about a specific type of hack, given beneath this is a detailed list of some of the more common hacks players have encountered in DayZ:


Trigger bots are some of the more commonly encountered hacks in all of gaming are trigger bots. Trigger bots perform only one task, which is firing your weapon for you. Meaning that trigger bots will detect when the hacker’s aim cursor is hovering over the hit box of a hostile and automatically open fire. Trigger bots do so with the help of pixel recognition, and even the most commonly used regular trigger bots work properly, without fail. Trigger bots are seen by many as a terrible hack as they believe that if you can aim, shooting is the easier part, so it makes no sense to have a bot do it for you. However in the right hands, trigger bots are deadly, and they add an extra bonus with them, which is that they reduce the recoil for your gun. However, to make things absolutely easy, a wide majority of the hackers that use trigger bots simultaneously with another similar hack which allows them to aim perfectly by a simple click. This hack is the infamous aim bot.


A recently emerging hack in DayZ is one that allows hackers to steal equipment off of random players, even if they are alive. Players have posted many stories about how they were fighting a player who came close to them and stole every of piece of equipment right off of their body, even though they hadn’t died yet. The hack however, does require precision to use, as it is not easy getting too close to a player without getting shot and killed.


The name speaks for itself. Invisibility hacks make you completely disappear from the screen, meaning that they make it so you can’t be seen by anyone. It really is obvious how overpowered this hack can be. When no one can see you they can’t ever hit you. You can stand in front of a hostile player and he won’t ever be able to tell you are there, unless you make an awful lot of noise. However, some invisibility hacks do not make you completely undetectable from other players, as they still allow your weapons and other equipment to be seen. But the best versions of this hack make them invisible as well, meaning that the hacker can stand behind a group of players and open fire on them, and they still won’t be able to tell what hit them, or where it hit them from. But, most invisibility hacks do not work on the computer controlled hostiles as the AI can spot you if your character is in the field of view of a computer controlled character, regardless of any hacks you may enable.


A few very good hacks for games like DayZ are the hacks which allow you to get around the map swiftly. Whether they are simple speed hacks or teleportation hacks, hacks that allow hackers to get around in smaller amounts of time are very helpful. Hackers that use these hacks can never get stuck or ambushed, as they can instantly get of any rough scraps in an instant. However the best mobility hacks are teleportation or flight hacks. While flight hacks allow you to soar through the open skies of the game, avoiding all other players and the ferocious infected, there is one thing that they are not able to do, which is getting you into locked and secret places. This is something that the teleportation hack can do though. Teleportation hacks allow you to get to different points on the map much quicker than hacks that enable flight, and they can be used to get into locked bunkers as well, which contain high level and valuable loot.